The Spring is around the tip of your nose. It’s time for revealing your perfectly clean skin. I’m completely sure that you do take care of your facial skin, but let alone your body ? Mid-season is the right time for preparing your skin and changing the beauty products you have been currently used. Transforming your “so-call” crocodile skin to newborn baby’s in a blink of eye is simply easy.

bambi schnell sparkle skin clinique


Clinique Exfoliating Cream has been my favourite for ages. After several trial product tests, Clinique is always my final answer which I return to. Its perfume-free quality is the right choice if you have sensitive or allergy prone skin. A plus here is that, it’s also conveniently perfect for your man. Anyway, always smooth on softly to the skin if your man is hairy or bushy of a Cro Magnon heritage!

The cream contains menthol which makes it’s suitable for summertime or for those who live in the warmer countries. Its cool effect is guaranteed for soothing tired and heavy legs. I also use it in winter even I feel cold. Why? Its stimulating effect does pep me up. Don’t worry, you will not be cold for hours! My last reason for adoring this product is its effective quality. The exfoliating grains are large enough to rub off and eliminate all those stubborn dead cells.

The rich cream is truly suitable for rough areas like elbows, knees and heels. It will leave your skin soft and smooth like babies. Its price tag may scratch you a bit when compare with the cheaper ones in the market. The fact is, use a little goes along way. A small amount of the cream produces really great effect.

250ml € 39.50



  • Use in shower.
  • Wet body, then massage product all over, especially on rough, dry areas (not intended for face or neck). Rinse thoroughly.
  • Use as needed-daily or 3 to 4 times a week.
  • For an even, long-lasting self-tan, use Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream before applying self-tanning products.



  • Rub and rub until your skin becomes rosy (not purple, of course !) That means your blood circulation has been well stimulated. Moreover, your skin will be more receptive to all moisturizer or slimming products.
  • Use it dry or with a little bit of water for the best result. Apply the cream all over your body and do not forget your back. I hope that your husband or your friend is ok to help out.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and finish the process with cold water. Concentrate more on the legs if you have tired and heavy ones.
  • For summer or warmer climate countries, follows by tonic water e.g., Eau Dynamisante Clarins, Eau Pure Biotherm is sufficient as your skin has been well-polished  and truly soft. No heavy moisturizing cream is required here.
  • For sensitive skin, my advice is : do not exfoliate everyday. Weekly beauty regimen is enough for skin to shine.

What is your favorite body scrub ? Share your experience and opinions with us!